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Great news! The first books in the Web of Hearts are on SALE for .99 cents new readers can being an epic addiction! If you are just as excited as we are, help us share the news! 

Massive Giveaway :)!

Hello, World!

Attention all awesome people! This month is a cool time to be a reader. 101 of your favorite authors contributed to one massive giveaway! Giveaway rules are listed on the rafflecopter. International peeps can play! Got any questions? Feel free to ask. There are 100 ways to enter for a maximum possible 500+ entries per person. The giveaway lasts the entire month of April, so come back every day and hammer away at a few more entries until you're all done! ONE PERSON WILL WIN $3,000 USD! That's the biggest giveaway I've seen recently! Tell your buds! Don't miss out. You'll kick yourself if you miss this one.
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  Terms & conditions are listed on the rafflecopter. Read it for full details. The winner will be chosen on May 1, 2016 and contacted via the email address they used to enter. CHECK YOUR EMAIL! The winner's name will also be posted on the rafflecopter widget above. Participating Romance Authors: 101 different authors came together to make this giveaway possible. If you've been looking for a new book boyfriend, or you're literally famished between your fave author's releases, check out some of my peeps! They write in various hot romance genres including contemporary romance, new adult romance, erotic romance, steamy romance, urban fantasy romance, dystopian romance, historical romance, futuristic/ sci-fi/ fantasy romance, Teen/ YA romance, inspirational romance and time travel romance! H.M. Ward Kim Golden Drew Jordan Christi Caldwell Scarlett Metal Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey Heidi McLaughlin Jenny Gardiner Stacey Joy Netzel Merry Farmer Mallory Crowe Julia Kent Jean Oram Vella Day Meli Raine Sherri Hayes Jayne Rylon Sarah M. Cradit Erica Ridley Christine Zolendz Beverly Preston Marquita Valentine Melissa Storm Dana Marton Amy Bartol Michelle Fox Magan Vernon Ainsley Booth Venessa Kimball Sidney Bristol K.M. Scott C.C.Wood J.M. Miller Zara Keane Eliza Knight L.P. Dover Sadie Haller Patricia McLinn Suzanne Rock Katherine Lowry Logan Erin Richards Tori Scott Danielle Stewart P.T. Michelle Suzan Tisdale T.M. Franklin Evelyn Adams S.E. Hall Lauren Hawkeye Josie Bordeaux Melanie Marchande Raci Ames Catherine Gayle Sam Cheever J.M Cole Brooke Blaine Ella Frank Allison Bell Cristin Harber Jacki Delecki Tawdra Kandle Sydney Logan Laura Kaye Laura Kamoie Evie Harper P.J. Fiala Taylor Law Pamela DuMond D.L. Roan Jenni Moen LG Castillo Rachel Schurig Nina Levine Rachel Hanna Cheryl Bradshaw Jessica Scott Beth Yarnall J.T. Geissinger Stacey Mosteller Kylie Gilmore Maryann Jordan Cari Quinn Lauren Royal Renea Mason Christine Bell Felicia Tatum Fabio Bueno RaShelle Workman Nana Malone Annika Martin Sophia Knightly Nikki Lynn Barrett Marian Tee Sarah Castille Allyn Lesley Ambrielle Kirk Jami Davenport Bonnie R. Paulson Laura Stapleton Kennedy Layne


Must be 18 years of age or older to win. No cash value. Void where prohibited. Open to international & US residents. *The winner will receive an e-gift card via PayPal in the amount of $3000USD for this prize.* Winner must have: 1. an email account, 2. may be requested to fill out additional paperwork for tax purposes, and 3. must have a PayPal account to accept the prize. We are not responsible for fees taken by PayPal for this transaction, nor are we in any way responsible for VAT and/ or taxes. We are not responsible for items damaged or lost in the e-mail. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. We hereby release Facebook of any liability.  By entering you agree that we are in no way to be held liable for anything pertaining to this giveaway. Winner(s) will be contacted by email 72 hours after the giveaway ends. You must claim your prize within 48 hours or it is forfeited and another winner will be selected. If you have any additional questions - feel free to send us an email!

New Release and a AWESOME Promo

Hey guys!!!

Are you ready for some more DRAGONS???? If so April 12th is the day to mark on your calendar - that is the day Deathly Royal releases! Are you curious? Make sure you stop by the author J.M. group next Tuesday for a peek at the cover and taste of the story. Preorders will be live by March 12th

In the mean time to get your shifter fix and or to check out DRAKON for the first time I have a place you need to go! The wolf pack is having a run this week coupled with an outstanding giveaway :)  Check it out!


Draven Is Back! New Book Time <3

It has been a wild New Year, has it not? I kept waiting to do the whole new release preorder dance lets-get-all-excited-because-everyones-favorite-rocker-is-center-stage again, but by the time I was in a position to do so I had an even better idea: RELEASE EARLY. So, SURPRISE a brand new Web of Hearts novel is sitting pretty on the Amazon sites, iTunes and Nook should be along shortly. I’ll send out a quick note when I see them :)

The See series has new covers, and adjustments to their titles if you are curious as to why I vlogged about the topic a few weeks ago right here:

Here is the link for A Lover’s Revolt on amazon:

Web of Hearts fans...the Witches are Live! #swoon

The Witches are live!!!



Nook :

Also - we are still in talks with several publishers on the upcoming release of Deploy, if we select Kindle Scout and you voted for the novel--they will issue you a free copy. So whip out those multiple devices and vote :)

Still on s`a`l`e


I just wanted to drop a quick note and tell you (in case you missed it!) that DRAKON is live. Thanks to the holiday season I was permitted to keep Drakon at .99 through Black Friday. If you have not snatched your copy now is the time to do so!

Also there are still a few days left to enter to win a kindle fire!

Thanks for being awesome, guys!

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So much newness!

The only thing more exciting than the holiday season approaching is knowing a fresh new year is just around the corner! I'm really excited about the novels I will be releasing. In addition to more from our beloved Web of Hearts peeps I have two brand new series that will be introduced.  One of the benefits to writing so far ahead is that it allows me to explore different ways to get the words on shelves. I have decided to post DEPLOY with Kindle Scout. One of the really cool benefits of this publisher is that if we reach an agreement and you nominated the novel, then they issue you a free copy. Pretty cool, huh?! If you have a second take a peek and click nominate :)!!


Are you a following Edge? The latest edition part ten of season 2 is now live!


Hooked on the Supernatural Chronicles? The latest hunt went live last week - check it out! (Gah I can't wait for you to read The Witches!)


Drakon releases next week! You still have a chance to snag this novel at its preorder price of .99 




Want to win a Kindle Fire? Check out the blog!

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Have a great day guys!

Happy Release Day! #thewolves #dynamis #kristiecook

For far too long, Sundae Grayson has lived under the tight control of her father and the wolf pack he leads. At twenty-two and with college degree in hand, she’s ready to embark on a journey of her own.  But when her father is attacked and nearly killed, she finds a cryptic note in his pocket—a riddle she must solve to save him. Doing so means delaying the life she desires, but her father is worth it. Not to mention that if he dies, she becomes alpha, and she’s so not ready for that. Thank the Angels for Trevor, leader of his own pack and her lifelong crush, who volunteers to help her.     The riddle sends them on the hunt of their lives. After all, they must solve the mystery, find the relic they need, and deliver it on time to save not only their packs, but all of the Amadis, who serve as the Angels’ army on Earth. If they fail, the Demons will win over the world. But what must be sacrificed for the sake of the greater good? This novella takes place in the internationally bestselling Soul Savers series by Kristie Cook, so be prepared to see some favorite characters. The story’s timeline falls between Promise, Book 1, and Purpose, Book 2.

For far too long, Sundae Grayson has lived under the tight control of her father and the wolf pack he leads. At twenty-two and with college degree in hand, she’s ready to embark on a journey of her own.  But when her father is attacked and nearly killed, she finds a cryptic note in his pocket—a riddle she must solve to save him. Doing so means delaying the life she desires, but her father is worth it. Not to mention that if he dies, she becomes alpha, and she’s so not ready for that. Thank the Angels for Trevor, leader of his own pack and her lifelong crush, who volunteers to help her.



The riddle sends them on the hunt of their lives. After all, they must solve the mystery, find the relic they need, and deliver it on time to save not only their packs, but all of the Amadis, who serve as the Angels’ army on Earth. If they fail, the Demons will win over the world. But what must be sacrificed for the sake of the greater good?

This novella takes place in the internationally bestselling Soul Savers series by Kristie Cook, so be prepared to see some favorite characters. The story’s timeline falls between Promise, Book 1, and Purpose, Book 2.

What ARC reviewers are saying...

"Freaking amazing!" 

"I was drawn in from page 1 and left wanting more at the end!" 

"This is the first book I have read in this series and all I can really say is WOW. 

There is a whole lot of action for such a bite size book." 

"Yet another great installment from Kristie Cook. 

Gripping, exciting and will keep you on your toes."

GET IT FOR $0.99

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Today, I have the privilege to introduce to you, Dynamis Author and my bestie, Kristie Cook! If you haven't heard, Kristie along with myself and 8 other authors have come together to offer an amazing collection of ten original stories where readers will, like the characters, be given the chance to hunt for treasure! THE WOLVES, book two of the series, will be out MONDAY, Nov 2nd


What ARC reviewers are saying...


"Freaking amazing!" 


"I was drawn in from page 1 and left wanting more at the end!" 


"This is the first book I have read in this series and all I can really say is WOW. 

There is a whole lot of action for such a bite size book." 


"Yet another great installment from Kristie Cook. 

Gripping, exciting and will keep you on your toes."


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Want to get to know more about Kristie! Here you go!

*What would you be doing right now if you were not an author? Going insane? I mean, I’m doing that anyway, lol, but if I weren’t writing, I’d be even worse. In other ways, though, I might be less crazy. Haha! Seriously, probably still have my own business in one capacity or another. I’m a lifelong entrepreneur.

*5 years ago: what were you doing? Getting ready to release the second book in the Soul Savers series, Purpose. Mothering a senior, junior, and freshman in high school (and trying to motivate that senior to get ready for college). Running a construction consulting business with a partner. I didn’t know it exactly 5 years ago, but about to receive a huge blow from the husband’s employer and become the sole bread-winner in our 5-person family.

*Do you have a certain writing ritual? Turn on high-powered box fan (drowns out any household noise), plant butt in seat, and stare at screen until the fingers start clicking the keys. Often I’ll go back and read what I wrote the previous session to make minor edits while getting my head back into the story. I used to have more of a ritual that involved listening to mood-setting music, but I don’t have the luxury of that extra time anymore. If I have trouble getting into the story, I’ll listen to music and go for a walk or take a shower. The best ideas come in the shower!

*What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? “This story is a Twilight rip-off.” There have probably been other things said that some authors would think was worse, but as a creator, I don’t personally think there’s anything worse than being called a rip-off. Almost every book in the fantasy and paranormal romance genres, especially about teens and early twenty-somethings, is compared to Twilight, even those written decades before. There are going to be some similarities across all books in these genres, but that doesn’t mean they’re all Twilight rip-offs. These kinds of statements give no credit to the author who created their own world, characters, and stories. And that hurts because we’ve all put our blood, tears, and very souls into our writing, but statements like this so easily dismiss our investment and our feelings. If people who say this would focus on the differences, they’d realize there are many more of those than similarities, and they’d come to enjoy a lot more stories instead of being so bitter.

*Ever fangirled over another author? Who was it? I don’t know that I’m really a fangirling type, although I might fall over at the feet of Chris Hemsworth or Jensen Ackles. I’m an awkward dork when it comes to meeting most people, especially when I’m really excited or nervous (which is pretty much whenever I’m in public). I’m more likely to clam up than squee. I think if I had the chance to meet J.K. Rowling, I’d freak out. And probably not in a good way. I’d totally ruin the moment and any opportunity to actually learn anything from her. Or to even say “hi.”

*Is there an author you'd like to meet? I’m dying to meet S.T. Bende in person! We’ve become good friends online, and one of these days, we’ll make that happen.

*Biggest writing pet peeve? The blinking cursor on a blank page. Whether it’s chapter 1 or chapter 25, there’s always something a little nerve wracking about that cursor, as though it’s flashing to purposely taunt you. It’s all the worse when no other words surround it.

* Do you read other's reviews of your books? Once in a while, I’ll skim them. I don’t think it’s healthy to give too much energy to them, but I also don’t think it’s healthy to completely ignore them. Good reviews can teach you what you’re doing right by your readers and lower star reviews can teach you where you can do better. It’s the troll reviews that are bad for you, but you have to learn that those reviews are not written for you. Someone is either having a bad day or they’re just plain mean, and that has nothing to do with you as an author or a person or with your story. They don’t count, and everyone else who sees them will know that, too.

Kristie Cook is a lifelong, award-winning writer in various genres, primarily New Adult paranormal romance and contemporary fantasy. Her internationally bestselling Soul Savers Series includes seven books, as well as a companion novella, Genesis: A Soul Savers Novella. Over 350,000 Soul Savers books have been sold, hitting Amazon’s, B&’s, and Apple’s Top 100 Paid lists.

She has also written The Book of Phoenix trilogy, a New Adult paranormal romance series that includes The Space Between, The Space Beyond, and The Space Within. The full trilogy is available now.

Besides writing, Kristie enjoys reading, cooking, traveling, and riding on the back of a motorcycle. She has lived in ten states, but currently calls Southwest Florida home with her husband, a beagle, and a puggle, but spends many weekends with her three sons at UCF, cheering on the Knights.




Author's Website & Blog:

UK Fan Site:

Soul Saver Series Website:

The Book of Phoenix Trilogy:













I told you all not  long ago that my adult romance novels would be releasing under Reveca Beauregard and it would not be long before you saw a new work! Well here we go! To the public at large the cover and preorder links to my next novel will be released on November 2nd. Since you have signed up for my newsletter - you get to see it first! 

This novel is set at a preorder price of .99 on release day (November 17th!) the price will rise to 3.99 so shopping early is your best bet!!

By Jamie Magee, Reveca Beauregard

Scarlett Kingfin was forced to run when her life went up in flames, literally. Her home was scorched, and her sister was missing. She was armed with nothing more than a set of coordinates and a fierce temper.

Her twisted path led Scarlett right into the lair of Draxton Drakon, the ruling alpha dragon shifter of the Drakon Clan. His kind owned the seas. Sailing through mystic barriers, they often returned home with their spoils—to the home Scarlett had forgotten. Much like she had forgotten she was his mate, the missing half to his fiery soul.

Strife, tension, and undeniable magnetism stand between the lovers when they’re face to face again. Her presence not only represents a broken royal vow, but also spurs a wicked prophecy of a lethal war between the immortals. Explosions, kidnappings, unveiled truths, and twisted rivalry shroud Draxton and Scarlett's every step. Their dragons deep within are invincible. Will the hearts of the man and woman be strong enough to survive the hell their rise will inflame?

The first book of the Dynamis in New Orleans series, Supernatural Chronicles: The Skinwalkers released Monday! Yay! And as we prepare for this awesome story and launch of the amazing 10-book series by 10 different authors, I have with me today the brave one who chose to go first, Lila Felix. Whoop!

Would you like to know a little bit more about Lila? Okay! Here you go!

What would you be doing right now if you were not an author? If I were not an author, I would still be editing books for indie authors and loving every second of it.

5 years ago: what were you doing? Five years ago, I was working nights at Wal-Mart in their cash office, counting tons of money every night.

Do you have a certain writing ritual? My writing ritual is to listen to some inspiring music for about a half hour or read some before starting. After that, I try to write whenever I can, sneaking in the time gaps in our schedules.

What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? My toughest criticism has been that my endings aren’t always what the reader expected. I see this as a criticism and a compliment. I don’t really want to write what everyone expects.

Ever fangirled over another author? Who was it? Absolutely! I’ve totally fan-girled over so many authors. I’m first and foremost a reader after all! It was actually Shelly Crane. I flew to Florida to see her and wigged out hard.

Is there an author you’d like to meet? I would love to meet Jay Asher. 13 Reasons Why is a book that continues to impact my life every day. It makes me think about who I am and how I treat others in every situation. He’s a brilliant author. I’d probably faint.

Biggest writing pet peeve? My biggest writing peeve is that horrible little word count box at the bottom of the page. Once I learned to make that sucker go away, I was in heaven.

Do you read other’s reviews of your books? I read other’s reviews of my books in the first month of their release. After that, I check them every 6 months or so. It can be painful and humbling to see what others think of our books.

Be sure you’re a part of the Dynamis’ Dynamic Readers group on Facebook so you can join in the big party on Monday and find out about THE BIG HUNT.


To walk between bodies, between species, between all races of humans--such is the life of a Skinwalker. Ahote, the son of the Great One is preparing to take his father’s place, to become ruler of those who move between the skins of his kind. That is until a letter is tacked to his door, a calling from The Noir--a letter whose blood-soaked words command obedience. Along with his life mate, Jaci, Ahote must find the voodoo priestess in the hopes that she hold the answers. Or, if the letter is correct, the veil between life and death will be torn, leaving the world open to creatures more vile than he. 

Get ready to read! Get ready to hunt!


iBooks | Amazon | Nook | Kobo

 Be sure you’re a part of the Dynamis’ Dynamic Readers group on Facebook so you can join in the big party TODAY: games, prizes, and find out about THE BIG HUNT.


twitter: @authorlilafelix


W*I*N a K*I*N*D*L*E


To celebrate the release of Disavow (Rivulet #2) I have decided to give away a Kindle Fire!

In order to be entered to win, all you need to do is share this post, along with the purchase links to Rivulet and Disavow.

Once you do, come back here and comment on the post that you did( you can comment on the blog, FB page, groups, Instagram--just comment and share!). The contest will remain open until October 28th at 11:59 PM EST. One winner will be chosen from the comments!

Good luck!

Rivulet -

Disavow -




Do you read shifter books?

I wanted to share this for my friend Michelle - if any of you read Shifter books this is for you!! 


Bite of the Moon Collection: Come get bitten! New shifter romances!

 Need to be bitten?

Come take a bite of the moon!

I'm pleased to announce a new multi-author project called 'Bite of the Moon.' This collection of shifter romance features some of your favorite authors and stories that follow heroines and heroes as they are turned into shifters. Books in the series include:


                             ~Moon's Law by Michelle Fox~

Once you've been bitten, there's no going back.

A Night Owl Reviews 5 Star 'Top Pick!'

Kane Martin has a reputation as the tough-guy, sex-stud sheriff of Glen Vine Michigan, but becoming a werewolf has rattled him. Forget partying, hooking up with girls, and locking up the bad guys, he's got bigger problems. Like dealing with locals taking potshots at his pack, and howling at the moon in his spare time...whether he wants to or not.

And there's this girl, Charlotte. She's totally not his type, but she smells so good, Kane's not sure he can resist.

Curvy Charlotte Wills was supposed to be getting engaged and finishing up a degree in library science, but instead she's been dumped and turned into a werewolf. In the middle of trying to get her life back on track, the last thing she needs is a distraction like Sheriff Kane Martin.

But life has a funny way of going sideways when you least expect it.

Especially when you're a werewolf.

Full length novel. No cliffhanger. Features a full figured beauty who loves her curves and a wickedly sexy alpha who can't keep his hands off them.


Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon CA

Amazon DE



~Between Two Wolves by Catherine Vale~


Two wolves are twice the bite...and pleasure.

Recently single, Risha Reynolds wants nothing more than to escape for a weekend of hiking in the mountains. Burned by her ex, and angry as hell, she desperately needs the peace and quiet. Far, far away from the jerk who left her.

Besides, what better time to climb a treacherous mountain, and say goodbye to the world below, than after a rough breakup? What's the worst that can happen?

What Risha doesn't know, is that peace and quiet isn't the only thing she'll find when far away from civilization.  She's heard the campfire stories of the beasts that go bump in the night, but Risha isn't the kind of girl that believes in myth and magic. Yet when she comes face to face with two wildly handsome strangers, she has to admit that they aren't like any others she's ever known. 


If there's one thing she's certain of, it's that Colt and Jericho are hiding a secret, but when she is given the opportunity to uncover the truth, will she be willing to see what they really are?

If she opens her mind, her heart will follow...

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon CA


~Lyric's Accidental Mate by Elle Boon~




A tough as nails soldier and a bad girl on a motorcycle with a bite...when they collide, everything changes.

A Woman In Need Of Saving

Lyric Carmichael is a shifter in trouble. When a pack of rogue wolves attacks her, she knows she will have to fight for her life. Being a member of the Iron Wolves MC and a wolf shifter, she's used to fighting, but with the odds stacked against her, she's not sure she'll make it out alive. 

A Badass Soldier

Rowan Shade, a member of the Special Forces, has fought many battles, so wading into the fight to save a gorgeous woman is second nature. Being bitten by Lyric in order to save him from a fate worse than death, and finding out there are supernatural beings, is one of the most erotic experiences of his life. He just hopes they live long enough to explore more of this new and wild world.

A Love Beyond Reason

As Rowan and Lyric explore their new relationship, the danger to the pack intensifies. When they find out one of their own has betrayed them, the strength of the entire MC is needed in order for them all to survive.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon CA


More Bite of the Moon books to come from Bryce Evans, Katalina Leon, Erika Masten and Kate Kent!

Amazon & Ibooks Preorder for DISAVOW is live!


Book 1 Rivulet is on sale .99 

Special preorder price for Disavow $2.99 for Book 2!

Share this post and comment that you did for your chance to win an ebook MYSTERY bundle (10 books in all) from some of my favorite author friends!


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Life got hotter~changes had to be made!

What is in a name? That’s the question and topic of the day, and I gotta tell you, apparently there’s a lot!

Let me backtrack for a second and tell all of you some shocking news—I accidentally became an author. Ironic, but true. The long and the short of the story is that I wrote a daydream down, and after polishing it to the best of my ability (along with the editor I hired), and trying to figure out how in the hell to actually publish it, and failing miserably, I decided to put the story on kindle.

Before then I was pitching to agents because all the blogs and books said that was the way to go—the legit, non-poser of any artist way to go (this was nearly five years ago, trust me the idealism has changed since then.) At the time, I already had a career, a very fruitful one, as an executive with an international company. Writing a daydream down was my then current stress reliever. I was sure yoga or some other fun new age adventure was next on deck. I didn’t really care what the writing industry thought of me. Frankly, I just didn’t have the freaking time to care, along side my career I had really little babies who needed any kind of brainpower and strategy on life I had left at the end of the day. Besides, writing was meant to relieve my stress not invent an entirely new brand of it ….

I gingerly placed Insight on Kindle (after thoroughly understanding doing so would forever ruin my career as a respectable author <-- one of the popular mindsets of the time) and attached my given name to the story. The entire point of me placing the story there was so that my friends and friends of friends could read it. Before then I was printing this novel and passing it around in a three-ring notebook (so not kidding). it turns out a few people I didn’t know downloaded the story, then a few more. And in the mean time I wrote more novels—fast-forward five years and the name Jamie Magee is in some way a flavor when it comes to my writing. The name is attached to several sweet, soul mate, paranormal/ fantasy twisted YA novels. So much so that when a story like Edge lands on the doesn’t really fit with the current mojo.

Here is my quandary...I like writing stories like Edge. I like writing stories WAY hotter than Edge. I like both, a lot. The sweet, the new adult, the adult....the VERY adult. It really just depends on my mood, what has inspired me and where these characters want to take me. (I seriously think I have no control over any of it—characters can be quite haunting when they whisper in your thoughts.)

The underlying question was how to place a divide in my works. How can I let my readers know what is what at a glance—PG 13, NC-17 to the left, and um, R to the right?

My solution is a pen name.

Is the suspense killing you? Are you dying to know what name will carry my darker more sensual romantic novels (Don’t laugh at my wording I’m trying to stay in my PG13 mode!)

Drum roll please....

Lucy Tassels.

Ha! No, I’m kidding. Even though the name was a popular running joke around my friends for a while.

The PEN name is: Reveca Beauregard.

Does that name sound a tad bit familiar? Well, if you DO happen to be a fan of my darker more adult writings then you have spent a lot of time with Reveca....

I love irony simply because life and blessings are shrouded in such things. Therefore, using a name of a character that taught me to tap into the more daring side of my imagination seemed fitting and symbolic.

It’s crazy the amount of freedom you can grant your imagination when you take the barriers of names away. Reveca Beauregard has a VERY adult suspense hitting the shelves in November—stay tuned for more info!

In the mean time please befriend her on FB, follow on twitter, instagram, and click follow on Amazon  :)


Insta: Author.Beauregard

Happy Friday Everyone!! 

I had to drop you all a line to tell you how insanely fun and full this fall is going to be when it comes to publishing more works from me! First of all—we have another Web of Hearts book just around the corner. The next book in the Rivulet set, Disavow, will be out next month. I love this book because it underlines why this group of novels is called a Web. Mason Wade takes center stage in this story and when he does, we discover friends and family he’d left behind in New Orleans. Such as River Sabien, one of Raven BellaRoses’s sisters and best friends from the novel Exaltation. When River slams onto the stage of the story she brings with her Dagen from the Edge series, we also have some time with characters such as Saige, and Jamison. Our heartthrobs Draven Michaels and Cashton are also present. As you can see, it’s a full line up in Disavow. 

Are you worried River’s twin or perhaps Soren are never going to have a dash of the spotlight? Fear not :) If you have been lingering around me on social media then you have seen the name Dynamis. Today I can not give you all the secrets this group and I have in store for you but I can tell you that this fall there will be a fun novella set in New Orleans with Ash and Soren taking the lead…fun might not be the right word, but they will be there! If you want to know how this Web couple intertwines with several other amazing stories, authors, and prizes across the next few months then I cordially invite you to a party on Monday to get the full scoop!

On Tuesday there will be a massive cover reveal if you’d like to help share some images here is the sign up.

Here is what THE WITCHES is all about, and for amazon readers a link of you to preorder :)

Ash Sabien, a born mortal witch, was meant to be an immortal guardian, as was Soren Wade. But they were never meant to be lovers, which is why Ash fought the pull to him, sometimes venomously.

Days before the sacred holiday of the Day of the Dead a message was sent to their coven: diairoúmeno aíma enós epistrofí̱ sou.

It was a call to rise, a call to hunt what was revered by their coven and use it to stop evil. The honor of the hunt was given to Ash and Soren. When Ash rushed to tell Soren of the mystery before them the last thing she expected was to walk in on Soren with another girl. She bolted. He chased her.

Neither one of them saw the truck.

Neither one of them felt the pain.

Death came like a thief in the night.

Ash knew as she stared at the tragic scene that she’d failed her fate, they both had. She let herself feel, care—and now there was no telling what could happen because she had.

In death could they rise? In death could they finish the hunt and save more than them, more than their coven...?

Winner winner chicken dinner, I mean—books....

Winner winner chicken dinner, I mean—books....


The deadline to enter the quote for the amazing Dynamis Scavenger Hunt was on 8/28/15. All names have now been entered and drawn and I would like to send a special congratulations to the following peeps! (each of these names has been emailed—so check your boxes!)


50$ Amazon GC

Melissa Jones


25$ Amazon GC

Avery Mills


Ebook Prizes:


TG Ayer -

Dead Radiance (Valkyrie #1) paranormal mythology

Fire & Shadow (Kali #1) paranormal mythology

Winner: Azadeh Nafissi


Skin Deep (SkinWalker #1) urban fantasy shifters/magic

Retribution (Irin #1) urban fantasy angels/demons

Winner: Kim Brown


Felicia Tatum – Bundle White Aura Series

Winner: Ashfa Anwer


Magen Veron-  Forever Wild, complete serial

Winner: Jackie O’Donnell


Lila Felix – Dethroning Crown

Winner: Lynn Rettig


RaShelle Workman – Across the Ages

Winner: Karen Chappell


Delphina Myres- Unless you can be a Unicorn

Winner: Sue


Jamie Magee – Impulsion

Winner: Linda


Jamie Magee- Edge full Season

Winner: Sara Miller


Signed books:


Melissa Pearl – Fever

Winner: Jennifer Ellis


Amy Evans – Clicks

Winner: Kali Ann Forbach


Julia Crane – Freak of Nature

Winner: Betul Erikci


Sydney Aaliyah Michelle – Hope for Her

Winner: Kayla Camden


Morgan Wylie – Silent Orchids

Winner: Dianna Slowey-Thomas


RaShelle Workman – Across the Ages + Swag

Winner: Stacy C Brown


Stacy Marie Brown – Darkness of Light + City of Embers

Winner: Elisa Difino


Brenda Pandos – Truly Madly Deeply

Winner: Reyna


Jamie Magee – Insight


Winner: S. Blake

Did you Hunt?



I wanted to drop a quick note to say how proud I am of  how beautifully the Dynamis Scavenger Hunt went. Every letter went out on the day given to the authors—if you signed up in time and still did not receive the letter then you might want to check your spam folder, sometimes our fun info lands there :) 


The quote we used, that you hunted, was by J.A. Langford, if you happen to be lacking a word here or there I’m sure one google search of the name and words you DID collect will give you all you need. 


The link to the google doc was also sent out on Monday, just incase you can’t find the post I’m posting the link here—only one entry of yours will be entered into the drawing. 


Thanks for participating, everyone <3

My DAY ~ Your WORD

Are you guys having fun on this HUNT or what????  

Okay today is my DAY and my word is: LOVE (The 7th Word in the quote).

Today Author Amy Evans sent a letter out today with word 5, here is her link if case you need it:

Kristie Cook sent out word 6, here is her link:


Tomorrow Authors  Megan Vernon and T.G. Ayer will send their letters out.

 Here are their links:  (Make sure you sign up BEFORE the letter goes out tomorrow.)

TG Ayer

Magen Veron


Are you not hunting? No Prob! I have a special giveaway for today only! Share this pic below on either Instagram, FB, or Twitter—make sure you tag me—for a chance to win a signed copy of Episode One of Edge <3

Thanks guys, have a great day!