Life got hotter~changes had to be made!

What is in a name? That’s the question and topic of the day, and I gotta tell you, apparently there’s a lot!

Let me backtrack for a second and tell all of you some shocking news—I accidentally became an author. Ironic, but true. The long and the short of the story is that I wrote a daydream down, and after polishing it to the best of my ability (along with the editor I hired), and trying to figure out how in the hell to actually publish it, and failing miserably, I decided to put the story on kindle.

Before then I was pitching to agents because all the blogs and books said that was the way to go—the legit, non-poser of any artist way to go (this was nearly five years ago, trust me the idealism has changed since then.) At the time, I already had a career, a very fruitful one, as an executive with an international company. Writing a daydream down was my then current stress reliever. I was sure yoga or some other fun new age adventure was next on deck. I didn’t really care what the writing industry thought of me. Frankly, I just didn’t have the freaking time to care, along side my career I had really little babies who needed any kind of brainpower and strategy on life I had left at the end of the day. Besides, writing was meant to relieve my stress not invent an entirely new brand of it ….

I gingerly placed Insight on Kindle (after thoroughly understanding doing so would forever ruin my career as a respectable author <-- one of the popular mindsets of the time) and attached my given name to the story. The entire point of me placing the story there was so that my friends and friends of friends could read it. Before then I was printing this novel and passing it around in a three-ring notebook (so not kidding). it turns out a few people I didn’t know downloaded the story, then a few more. And in the mean time I wrote more novels—fast-forward five years and the name Jamie Magee is in some way a flavor when it comes to my writing. The name is attached to several sweet, soul mate, paranormal/ fantasy twisted YA novels. So much so that when a story like Edge lands on the doesn’t really fit with the current mojo.

Here is my quandary...I like writing stories like Edge. I like writing stories WAY hotter than Edge. I like both, a lot. The sweet, the new adult, the adult....the VERY adult. It really just depends on my mood, what has inspired me and where these characters want to take me. (I seriously think I have no control over any of it—characters can be quite haunting when they whisper in your thoughts.)

The underlying question was how to place a divide in my works. How can I let my readers know what is what at a glance—PG 13, NC-17 to the left, and um, R to the right?

My solution is a pen name.

Is the suspense killing you? Are you dying to know what name will carry my darker more sensual romantic novels (Don’t laugh at my wording I’m trying to stay in my PG13 mode!)

Drum roll please....

Lucy Tassels.

Ha! No, I’m kidding. Even though the name was a popular running joke around my friends for a while.

The PEN name is: Reveca Beauregard.

Does that name sound a tad bit familiar? Well, if you DO happen to be a fan of my darker more adult writings then you have spent a lot of time with Reveca....

I love irony simply because life and blessings are shrouded in such things. Therefore, using a name of a character that taught me to tap into the more daring side of my imagination seemed fitting and symbolic.

It’s crazy the amount of freedom you can grant your imagination when you take the barriers of names away. Reveca Beauregard has a VERY adult suspense hitting the shelves in November—stay tuned for more info!

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