Edge Teaser


“Coward,” Talon growled as he threw his cigarette out and stepped inside. “I fight for my life, every day. I go out and do the shit we planned. I take care of us. I live. And all this while you knew—you fucking knew that it didn’t matter how hard I fought. If I sat on my ass and drank all day or if I built this empire. You were humoring me, knowing that at any moment your family could pull the plug.” He pointed at her. “You fought that war on your own, left me out of it, and now here we are in this hell.” 
Reveca stared before she spoke. She noticed how he struggled to remain cold toward her. It didn’t matter that it was a struggle, he still had the intent to hurt her, and intent is always worse than the action. It means they thought about it—they meant to, had every chance to change their mind but still did so.

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