Teaser Tuesday

Hello World! 

ONLY WEEKS away from releasing this one!! I can’t tell you how excited I am for you to meet this couple. I adore how they can go from sweet to hot in a drop of a hat, and how real they came across in the words!

All the novels in the Station 32 set can be read as standalone.

If you have not read Impulsion grab it now while it’s only 99. cents! Impulsion gives you a glimpse of all the boys before Station 32 was their home…it’s all about foundation.

Okay are you ready????? Here is the Tuesday Tease


Before she knew it, she was in his arms, his lips were on hers. She fell into his erotic kiss for the briefest of moments, before pulling away.

“You’re making my head spin, Ballantine.”

His lips were easing down her neck as his hands were sliding down her body. Next to her ear, in a hoarse whisper he said. “I’m living in this moment with you. I plan to devour it.”

Oh dear lord, Georgia thought as her heart picked up a notch or two.

“You’re fire, Georgia,” he said as his hands moved to unbutton her jeans. “My chest flames every time you’re close—you make me feel shit I’ve never felt before. You dare me to lose control."

Georgia knew he was in control right then, and she was prepared to fight him for her equal share. She had already pulled at his shirt, her hands were deftly removing his belt and the button on his jeans.

Before she could, he reached for her hands and pinned them behind her with one hand, as his other rushed over her body.

“See what I mean, I just meant to kiss you,” he said on heated breath, as he tried to slow them down, turn the heat back.



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