Kindle Unlimited & Teaser Tuesday <3 Edge Season 2!

Can you believe it is already May? It feels like we just wrapped up Edge Season 1 and BOOM here we are staring down May 18th when the debut of Edge season 2 will be out! 

Are you excited! I'm thrilled!!! I can not wait for you to see some new faces come on stage AND for you to see what old favs are up to :)! 

For a limited time Edge Season 1 will be on Kindle Unlimited so if you have not read all of Season One - or know someone who hasn't this will be a great time to grab it up!! 


Immortals never resolve conflict with lovers or enemies. They either entomb the turmoil, literally, or shroud it in their past, never expecting to face the fight once more. Knowing if they ever did, for better or worse, life would never be the same again. 

Five years ago life was good at the Boneyard. The Sons, led by Reveca Beauregard, were unstoppable. Judge was in love. For the first time in his existence, he’d found acceptance, balance, and a rush in a lover. He found it within the soul of Adair Vallet, a mortal. In one beat, the unthinkable befell the Sons. One of their own turned on them, forcing a divide. A Son had to die. A lover had to be let go. And for Judge, life stopped. 

Today, Adair Vallet is oblivious of the man’s heart she still holds, yet she mourns the emptiness she feels within. Her life explodes into action when the dead rise and she’s forced into the clutches of the Pentacle Sons. Quickly she finds herself twisted into a malevolent past thick with betrayal, mysticism, and passion.