Giveaway! Why? Because Edge was nominated for an Award!!!

Something amazing happened!


For various reasons I’ve only been to one official writing conference: Utopya in Nashville. I’ve been twice and each time I think that there is no way I can walk away more inspired or with more amazing writing buddies and I’ve been wrong twice—and from the bottom of my heart I hope to be wrong a third time this summer.


With all the admiration I have for this conference and the writers and readers who attend can you imagine how floored I was when one of my works was nominated this year. EDGE is in a category for best serial!!!!!!!!!!!!


The crazy hook is this story was brewing in the back of my mind last year when I went to the conference. But I knew it was massive and frankly with the YA Web of Hearts and contemporary novels I had on deck I wasn’t sure I could add this to my plate and juggle the releases and varying audiences these genre’s brought forth.


This conference proved me wrong. When I attended the panel speaking about writing serials my entire view of the venture was flipped. I had in my head serials were tiny little stories (like really long blog post). I never imagined how HUGE the arc was across one season or how many little ones you needed for each serial. Bottom line, writing a serial would stretch my comfort zone and challenge the comfortable skill level I was accustom too.


The best thing about conferences is that when they are over the friends you make are still there and I am wickedly grateful to have had the chance to spend time with Rachel Higginson—and the friendship that bloomed from there. She made me feel like this story was perfect for the addictive serial style of writing. And now here we are!!!


I thought we could do something fun—at this point the readers have the ball in their court. You get to vote for Edge. To encourage you to vote in not only this category but all of them (ah-mazing authors on this ballad) I’m a having quick giveaway.


Edge Season 2 makes its debut in a few short weeks! If you are all caught up you can enter to win an early ARC copy of Episode one. If you are new to the series—volume one (Episodes 1-4) is up for grabs!!


Just follow the directions on the contest entry below and you will be golden!


Thanks for being the most awesome readers ever!