Insight's Playlist #loversstruggle

I know... you’re shocked. I told you I was going to try and make these consistent posts and here we are, reading post #2 (fingers crossed that I make it to 3!)

Today I reached deep into my music bank and pulled a song forward that stayed with me almost the entire time I wrote Enflame, book six of the Insight series.

I realize at this point in my career I have Insight slash Web of Hearts readers and I have Edge readers...and lets not forget about the boys in the contemporary world at Station 32. And honestly, you could be any one of the three or all of the above. So for the sake of brevity I want to quickly hash out where the INSIGHT series was when this song came into my life.

Insight is a story about soul mates who’ve loved each other across time and dimensions, young lovers who have met in their dreams each night since their first breath and finally find each other and set out on the task to unearth the universal question we all have ‘why me?’

I’ve always hated stories with triangles or couples that missed the obvious and went the wrong way <-- I know that has to be the most ironic statement of all time, because I now write them...

The thing is, without angst there is no story. We need to hear/ read/ watch the ‘struggle’ to not only know it is real but to also help us make sense of whatever left hook life has decided to throw at us.

With that being said, Insight started out backward. We had a couple that loved each other, always had and always would. There was no doubt, even when the most tempting offers were set in place (*clears throat* Drake Blakeshire). But any couple that happy? Does any couple not have a dark secret that they’ve strived to overcome, or one they refuse to acknowledge? I can’t think of a one and if you can, well, you rock—but you might also be blind to a truth you just do not want to see.

Basically, what it comes down to, inside and outside of fiction, is that if lovers are never tested, if they had no struggle, they would never appreciate the gift they have. They wouldn’t realize love is a gift you have to fight for with each and every breath you is something that will rise you to the heavens one moment and crash you to the earth the next.

Insight had gone through its paces by the time book six rolled around. We had the perfect lover and the bad boy striving for one young girls heart. The rhythm of the story was almost like a common recipe – this and that and there’s the plot. I needed an edge to the story. I needed to open up the characters closets and rip out the skeletons. I knew they were bound to have them. I mean seriously—Landen and Willow had lived in one form or another for over four million years...yeah, someone was bound to have crossed the wrong line.

We were all aware of Willow’s transgressions—they made up half the plot. But what about our sweet boy Landen? What was he up to and was what he did excusable? Could it give reason to give up and run the other way?

So many questions...and they were all sparked and further flamed into life as I listen to: Coheed and Cambria’s acoustic version of Here We Are Juggernaut (The non-acoustic version gives off a completely different vibe, but is still awesome!)

First of all how freaking cool is the word Juggernaut? In case you’re wondering the definition is:  something (such as a force, campaign, or movement) that is extremely large and powerful and cannot be stopped.

Yep. That sounds like a killer conflict to have, does it not?

The song is rich with emotions that reach into your soul and rip it right out. You can actually feel the ache. Even if you’re in a perfect relationship and believe you’ll never cross dark days this song should make you feel something powerful.

It should make you question if your love is really unconditional. Unconditional is, in fact, what we all want...but is it something we’re willing to give?

One lyric that catches me every time is: Nothing matters anymore.

I LOVE that one line. I really do. Because there comes a point where nothing matters, good or bad, anymore.

All day everyday our minds race. We worry about stupid shit, (Excuse my bluntness, but we do.) We live in a superficial world and compete in superficial battles of wits. All in the name of defending our place in this life. But the truth of the matter is, if it all ended today—if you were told that this was your last moment—nothing but how you feel about the person/ people you love the most would matter. You would let go of your grudges and the pain and love them—bask in it. And when you did you’d feel stronger, immortal.

It is a proven fact that nothing can destroy or create energy. We are energy. Love is energy. It is immortal, no matter what hell we put ourselves through there is no escaping that truth.

Which is exactly how I needed my characters to feel in this novel. 

If you have a second give this version a listen and tell me if you feel the struggle Landen and Willow went through.

Then, whether you’ve read them or not ...take a second to clear your head and think. We will all face ‘juggernaut,’ we can’t control the world we live in...but we can state what is significant and what is not.

Who is significant to you? Are you strong enough to love them unconditionally?

As one of my characters once put it: it hurts the most when it’s real.