Music & Me

If you have followed me from the beginning, then you know music is my constant partner in crime when it comes to laying down words.

I’ve always wanted to share like crazy when a song moves me, but the thing is—it made me feel like a cruel tease! Yes, a tease. Because you see, what I write today will not be published for at least a year, maybe a shad sooner or longer but yeah—you’re not seeing it any time soon.

I tell myself I’ll remember this, and when the book/episode comes out I will write a blog post about the awesome music and the unexplainable experience I had when the sound magically unlocked hidden doors in my imagination...but then I never do. Until now! (Bare with me I’m actually going to try and be consistent with these kinds of posts!)

It was Edge that urged me to come back around to this idea. The story is a massive serial so instead of vanishing into the *waiting to be published* folder it stays as a constant in my life.

There are SO many songs on the Edge playlist but there is one that strikes home every time. More than likely because it was when I heard it I thought to myself,

“Why the hell not, write it, what’s the worst that could happen? They hate it?”

The Biker component of Edge sent me hard-core into the research side of writing. I read about bikers. I followed biker blogs. I stopped people on Harleys <-- dead serious. I found rallies to follow. I did whatever I could to ‘feel’ this world. One of the many things I fell for was the show Sons of Anarchy. The soundtrack for the seasons were to die for—and that was how I found/ heard Joshua James for the first time.

Finding an artist that I feel is ‘real’, who plays well live and writes from the soul, is not as easy at it should be. But I truly believe that Joshua James is the real deal—and it’s not just because he personally messaged me back when I thanked him for inspiring so many words, well...yeah, that helped. But still, I’m pretty damn sure this boy is in it for the passion of the music.

Cold War is a song that introduced me to Mr. James and gave me endless inspiration. I’m sure Mr. James has his own story behind what his lyrics mean—I’m also pretty sure he blogged about it, because he’s just that real with his work. But my take on this song could be described in one word: Conviction.

It takes a lot to have conviction. To be so set in your ways that no matter what you stand by your principle. At times you could be very wrong or right, but you own how you feel and what you do, and you’re not ashamed of it. Because when it comes down to it—you really only have one person to answer to when it’s all said and done.

The characters of Edge are in a cold war—constantly. Their world has evolved around them but they hold steadfast to their root beliefs. They never apologize or push their point. They don’t need others to see things the way they do to feel at ease with the conviction they have.

Abundantly strong lyrics that hit home with me with in this song were:

If we cannot see all we destroy, we're blind.

It's not the hand that cuts, it's the heart we left behind

It's not the hand that cuts, it's the hatred deep inside.

We live in a world today where one diluted newscast can cause uproar—breed hate and spur destruction while drenching us in fear. Leaving us with the struggle to make sense of half-truths and question where we stand. In the end, more times than not, we settle with apathy. Losing all our conviction.

Cold War was the first song on the Edge playlist. It was a song I listened to and watched him play live via YouTube when I was plotting a twist or trying to understand how simplistically complicated each character was when it came to their actions.

Give it a listen and tell me if you can feel the Edge vibe :)