My DAY ~ Your WORD

Are you guys having fun on this HUNT or what????  

Okay today is my DAY and my word is: LOVE (The 7th Word in the quote).

Today Author Amy Evans sent a letter out today with word 5, here is her link if case you need it:

Kristie Cook sent out word 6, here is her link:


Tomorrow Authors  Megan Vernon and T.G. Ayer will send their letters out.

 Here are their links:  (Make sure you sign up BEFORE the letter goes out tomorrow.)

TG Ayer

Magen Veron


Are you not hunting? No Prob! I have a special giveaway for today only! Share this pic below on either Instagram, FB, or Twitter—make sure you tag me—for a chance to win a signed copy of Episode One of Edge <3

Thanks guys, have a great day!