Happy Friday Everyone!! 

I had to drop you all a line to tell you how insanely fun and full this fall is going to be when it comes to publishing more works from me! First of all—we have another Web of Hearts book just around the corner. The next book in the Rivulet set, Disavow, will be out next month. I love this book because it underlines why this group of novels is called a Web. Mason Wade takes center stage in this story and when he does, we discover friends and family he’d left behind in New Orleans. Such as River Sabien, one of Raven BellaRoses’s sisters and best friends from the novel Exaltation. When River slams onto the stage of the story she brings with her Dagen from the Edge series, we also have some time with characters such as Saige, and Jamison. Our heartthrobs Draven Michaels and Cashton are also present. As you can see, it’s a full line up in Disavow. 

Are you worried River’s twin or perhaps Soren are never going to have a dash of the spotlight? Fear not :) If you have been lingering around me on social media then you have seen the name Dynamis. Today I can not give you all the secrets this group and I have in store for you but I can tell you that this fall there will be a fun novella set in New Orleans with Ash and Soren taking the lead…fun might not be the right word, but they will be there! If you want to know how this Web couple intertwines with several other amazing stories, authors, and prizes across the next few months then I cordially invite you to a party on Monday to get the full scoop! https://www.facebook.com/events/906461796111183/909242275833135/

On Tuesday there will be a massive cover reveal if you’d like to help share some images here is the sign up.


Here is what THE WITCHES is all about, and for amazon readers a link of you to preorder :) 


Ash Sabien, a born mortal witch, was meant to be an immortal guardian, as was Soren Wade. But they were never meant to be lovers, which is why Ash fought the pull to him, sometimes venomously.

Days before the sacred holiday of the Day of the Dead a message was sent to their coven: diairoúmeno aíma enós epistrofí̱ sou.

It was a call to rise, a call to hunt what was revered by their coven and use it to stop evil. The honor of the hunt was given to Ash and Soren. When Ash rushed to tell Soren of the mystery before them the last thing she expected was to walk in on Soren with another girl. She bolted. He chased her.

Neither one of them saw the truck.

Neither one of them felt the pain.

Death came like a thief in the night.

Ash knew as she stared at the tragic scene that she’d failed her fate, they both had. She let herself feel, care—and now there was no telling what could happen because she had.

In death could they rise? In death could they finish the hunt and save more than them, more than their coven...?

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