Draven Is Back! New Book Time <3

It has been a wild New Year, has it not? I kept waiting to do the whole new release preorder dance lets-get-all-excited-because-everyones-favorite-rocker-is-center-stage again, but by the time I was in a position to do so I had an even better idea: RELEASE EARLY. So, SURPRISE a brand new Web of Hearts novel is sitting pretty on the Amazon sites, iTunes and Nook should be along shortly. I’ll send out a quick note when I see them :)

The See series has new covers, and adjustments to their titles if you are curious as to why I vlogged about the topic a few weeks ago right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jy1569BVf4I

Here is the link for A Lover’s Revolt on amazon: http://goo.gl/utoajC